What is biomimetics ? 

Biomimetics includes all engineering that is inspired by living things. Its aim is not to copy the living, but to be inspired by natural solutions provided by nature. The most effective solutions are often found right before our eyes, in nature. Indeed, nature has always solved many problems: we should therefore draw inspiration from it without moderation.

Biomimetics is a combination of bio-inspiration and sustainability. The idea is to be part of a responsible, sustainable development approach that respects natural resources.

This concept is based on the key idea that "Nothing is lost, everything is transformed".

S’inspirer des solutions naturelles données par la nature.

One of the best known examples of biomimetics is velcro. This is used for clothing and is inspired by plants with hooks that allow animals to carry their seeds.

Or the first heavier-than-air flying machine designed by the Wright brothers, which was inspired by pigeon flight.

In the field of cosmetics, biomimetics makes it possible to create creams that are inspired by living beings to create innovation. The design of innovative cosmetic products that serve humans requires a study of our environment, such as plants and animals.

Mosquitoes, for example, are being studied to try to create a needle that makes bites less painful. The study is based on the mosquito's proboscis, which is conical in shape and small enough to slip between the pain receptors in our skin. This needle is already used in many insulin injection pens.

Skineance uses biomimetics to create its anti-ageing products  

Anti-ageing products with snake venom :

Snakes paralyse their prey with their venom. Snake venom anti-ageing creams use the paralysis effect to freeze the muscle contractions of the face. This effectively combats wrinkles and the effects of time. The anti-wrinkle effects of a snake venom cream are very similar to those of Botox but without the drawbacks.

Skineance uses a molecule called Syn-Ake® created in a laboratory. It has the same beneficial properties as snake venom. This makes its anti-ageing creams very effective, your skin looks younger and regenerated.

Unlike Botox, which has to be done by a professional, Skineance anti-ageing creams can be applied daily at home in a few minutes.

Rituel 5 produits Skineance - venin de serpent

Anti-ageing products based on snail slime :

Snail slime allows the snail to heal a wound on its body or shell in just a few days. It is used in cosmetics for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Thanks to its components, snail slime replenishes the layers of your skin and thus delays and reduces the effects of skin aging.

Skineance uses the slime of Helix Aspersa Muller in its products to treat skin imperfections such as wrinkles or acne. These little snails have the most beneficial and effective slime for treating aging skin.

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