The Skineance line, created by Intersourcing in 2008, offers all the products that home shoppers want most. Thanks to our broad experience and proven product quality, we are uniquely positioned to precisely determine customers’ expectations and develop products that meet their specific needs.

We do in-depth market studies to determine customer preferences in the most popular product categories, such as anti-aging, weight loss and beauty. We focus on what customers expect from a product, the reasons they believe in it and the selling points that compel them to buy it.

Skineance product development truly originates from our customers’ needs and suggestions. We listen and then adapt and develop our product line in accordance with customers’ wishes.

We stay innovative, attentive and responsive to a constantly evolving market. Our products are consistently successful in numerous countries thanks to their high quality, which is guaranteed through independent testing.


Skineance is :

  • More than 40 products developed to date
  • More than 2,000,000 satisfied customers
  • 23 brand ambassadors
  • more than 8000 followers on Facebook
  • more than 8,000,000 pieces sold since 2008
  • 44 partners around the world
  • A team fully dedicated to its customers


Anti-Aging – Products that slow down the aging process and fight the visible signs of the passage of time. Cutting-edge cosmetic care, modern beauty rituals and products whose active ingredients are proven to be effective.

Weight Loss – Products for keeping or regaining your ideal figure. Dietary supplements, reliable and fast slimming methods, and an assortment of tested and approved specific treatments. This product line is thoughtfully produced to respond to each customer’s needs, lifestyle and motivation. For each problem, we offer a targeted solution.

Beauty and Well-being – Products to improve everyday well-being. Innovative solutions to relieve the everyday stress of body and mind. From concealing cosmetics to hair care, SKINEANCE offers intelligent solutions that allow you to feel beautiful and in harmony with yourself.


To ensure our customers that we offer them the best that is available on the market, our products are scientifically tested and certified in independents Laboratories, which verify, (qualitative and quantitative studies to support), the effectiveness of active principles that compose our product.

Cosmetic products are meticulously documented and subject to many declarations: declaration of conformity, AFSSAPS (MSNA), Anti-poisoning centre, traceability, and other certificates required for their presence on the market.

Dietary supplements are subject of a particular attention and are subject to many declarations: declaration of compliance with European directives, compliant to the Consumer Code, the DGCCRF, traceability, and other necessary certificates for their presence on the market.

The safety and quality of our products are vitaly important for our clients, as such, all products meet the European Standards.


  • Controlled products, scientifically tested and certified by independent laboratories to ensure their effectiveness.
  • Quality products developed by pharmacists, cosmetologists , renowned scientists and produced exclusively in Europe. Our dietary supplements are produced in France ; our cosmetics are produced either in Italy or in Spain.
  • Products tested and appreciated by many consumers before placing them on the market.
  • Products that are fully compliant with European standards and adapted and reviewed according to the evolution of these standards.
  • Innovative products experiencing a huge success.