Anti-aging cream - How to choose it according to your age?

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Wrinkles at the corner of the eyes, loss of firmness, loss of radiance... You need to find an anti-aging action plan as soon as you turn 20! In its blog post, Skineance gives you its advice according to your age.

How to choose it according to your age ?

In addition to age, certain environmental factors such as pollution, stress or smoking leave marks on your skin. Wrinkles at the corner of the eyes, loss of firmness, loss of radiance... You need to find an anti-aging action plan as soon as you turn 20! Indeed, we take care of our skin differently at 20, 30 or 40.

An anti-aging routine at age 20 ?

Yes, you have to take care of your skin as soon as you enter your 20s. Prevention is better than cure. Thinking about your wrinkles from the age of 20-25 will prevent you from having to mask them later.

From the age of 25, the watchword is HYDRATE! So remember to moisturize your skin intensely to bring vitality and radiance while protecting it from external attacks such as pollution or the sun.

Before moisturizing your skin, it is important to cleanse your face with water but also with a micellar water.

Cleansing your face well and applying a good moisturizer during your morning ritual will help prevent the appearance of the marks of time on your face and neck.

What anti-aging routine to adopt at 30 ?

After the age of 30, we keep the good habit of moisturizing your skin as much as possible but add a step against the aging of it. Indeed, at 30, the skin starts to change and the first wrinkles appear.

Do you want to keep your complexion as fresh as when you were 20? Don't neglect the sun protection step by using a sun cream or a day cream containing an SPF. But above all, it's important that you rely on daily moisturizing by alternating between a moisturizing cream and an anti-aging cream.

What routine should I use from the age of 40 ?

Around the age of 40, the skin begins to lack firmness, loses its radiance and wrinkles become more numerous. This is the right time to start using more anti-wrinkle creams.

It's time to invest in your skincare routine and turn it into an anti-aging routine.

To start, consider cleansing your skin with a micellar water to prepare it for the anti-aging treatments that follow.

Next, apply your anti-aging serum, an indispensable ally in the fight against wrinkles and the marks of time.

To perfectly finalize your anti-aging routine, before applying your makeup, apply your anti-aging day cream. This cream helps slow down the skin's aging process while erasing and smoothing out your wrinkles throughout the day.

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