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The current health crisis has brought about a new form of acne caused by prolonged use of the mouth mask. With Skineance products you can quickly clear up these pimples.


Wearing a Mask and its Consequences for Your Skin

As you know, 2020 has been an unusual year. All of Europe has been affected, since the month of March, by the Covid-19 virus. The world is experiencing a health crisis that is almost unprecedented. This has forced authorities to take drastic measures to fight the spread of the virus. According to them: it is necessary to wear a surgical or cloth mask in public places and for jobs that require being in contact with other people. Wearing a mask over a long period of time can affect your skin...

"Maskne," Acne Under the Mask

When you wear a mask for the duration of a day, air you inhale and exhale is trapped around your mouth, creating a very hot and humid area. No matter if your mask is surgical or fabric, the bottom of your face is poorly ventilated and this creates a greater risk of pimples appearing, a new type of acne called "maskne."

How Can You Fight this Type of Acne?

Taking care of your face is obviously a good way to prevent the appearance of pimples. It's also the best solution. What do we mean by "taking care of your face?" We mean that you should wash it daily with clear water and then apply hydrating products intended for this purpose.

Skineance Products

At our online boutique, Skineance, you will find a multitude of cosmetic products. Among these, we have our Snail Cure. It is just this cure that will allow you to quickly forget maskne. It is composed of a day cream, a night cream, a micellar water, a face serum, and an exfoliator. These five products possess ultra-regenerating virtues and work together to care for your skin, get rid of its imperfections, and restore its shine. This collection is unique and 100% natural.

Why use Snail Slime?

You probably weren't aware that snail slime has some miraculous properties. As it happens, the slime of the Hélix Aspéra Müller, a small earth snail, contains allantoin. This active component allows the snail to rebuild a damaged shell in less than two months. Our cure therefore works in the same way to repair your skin.

For Acne, but That's not All...

Skineance's snail slime products are an excellent remedy for pimples that appear on your face. Besides this, they offer complete care for your skin: they protect it, hydrate it, help it to fight dryness, and help it retain its elasticity. What's more, they slow down your skin's aging and repair it.

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