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Thanks to the confinement, your skin does not face the daily aggressions such as pollution, sun, make-up...

But can confinement have harmful effects on your skin? Skineance answers you in its blog article and gives you advice to fight against them.


Confinement allows your skin to be free from daily aggressions such as make-up, pollution, sun... Not only can these aggressions dry out the skin but they also accelerate its ageing. For many, confinement is an opportunity to take time for oneself, to engage in a make-up detox, to let one's skin breathe so that it can regain comfort and radiance.

However, one question arises: can confinement have harmful effects on the skin?

Well, yes! In this period of confinement, fear, anxiety and especially stress can be present in some people. This can lead to many changes in the body and therefore in your skin. Relaxing by doing yoga, meditation, taking relaxing baths or doing something you enjoy will help you to de-stress and therefore get your skin back in shape.

Indoor air

Outdoor air has harmful effects due to pollution and dust. Indoor air has them too! Contrary to what you might think, it is more polluted than outside air. Moreover, it is dry and can dry out your skin. You should therefore air out regularly by opening the windows so that the air is renewed.

Moisturising put aside

Being confined, staying at home all day, many people tend not to do their daily moisturising routine: this makes the problem of dry skin worse. Try not to forget this and take time for yourself, moisturising your skin by applying a serum and day cream. You can also use this time to apply a mask to deeply moisturise your skin and restore its radiance!

You can also do a facial sauna. This is a 100% natural technique. A facial sauna consists of placing your head over a container of hot water for 10 minutes. To maximise its effects, you can add drops of essential oil to the water. Once the sauna is over, rinse your skin with cold water and apply a moisturiser.

Blue light

Although mobile phones, tablets and computers are very supportive, they expose the skin to large doses of blue light. Intense light pollution is not without consequences for the epidermis, as it causes significant oxidative stress, which attacks and ages the skin more quickly. This can also lead to problems of hyperpigmentation of the skin with the appearance of pigmentation spots. It is therefore necessary to reduce the time of exposure to screens to limit their negative effects.


The health of your skin begins with your diet. Indeed, the beauty of your hair and skin also depends on your diet. During this difficult period, we all tend to nibble on small sweet or salty snacks, to cook nice little dishes to comfort ourselves. This can upset the balance of your skin. The solution? Eat a diet rich in whole grains and fibre and reduce your sugar intake.

In confinement, take care of your skin with Skineance

To keep your skin looking young, moisturising is essential. Here are some tips to follow for optimal hydration.

  • Cleansing the skin is a very important step for a good hydration of the skin. Skineance offers you its snail slime micellar water which cleanses your skin in depth while maintaining its physiological balance.
  • In the morning, after removing your make-up and/or cleansing your face, apply a day cream. The snail slime day cream deeply moisturises your skin and has an anti-ageing effect.
  • In the evening, apply a night cream to clean skin. Skineance Snail Slime Night Cream repairs the damage caused by the aggressions your skin has had to face throughout the day.
  • Exfoliate once or twice a week. Discover Skineance's snail slime scrub. It helps your skin get rid of impurities and regenerate deeply.

At this time of year, even more than usual, take care of yourself and your skin.

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